Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor and Outdoor Storage Units

Individuals who have the need to rent a storage unit can choose to store their belongings in a unit that’s outside or in one that’s inside a building. While an outside unit works just fine for some items, sometimes it’s necessary for individuals to rent an indoor unit that’s climate controlled. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about storing items in both indoor and outdoor Storage Units in Brooklyn.

What are the differences of outdoor and indoor storage units?

Outdoor storage units are located outside and customers can drive right up to the overhead doors and unload their belongings into the unit. These units are very convenient for customers who need to unload large, heavy pieces of furniture because they can easily be moved into the unit from the moving vehicle. Since these units are outside, the temperature inside the unit will be typically the same as the outside air.

Indoor units, which are referred to as climate controlled, are located inside a building that has heat and air conditioning. The temperature inside a climate controlled unit remains between 55 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit throughout every season. Since the temperature doesn’t get extremely hot or cold, indoor Self Storage Units in Brooklyn are perfect for storing valuable items.

What types of items should individuals store in a climate controlled unit?

Outside temperatures that get excessively hot or cold can cause damage to many items when they’re being stored, especially for a long time. Electronics should never be kept in extreme heat or cold because their components can become damaged.

Antique wood furniture can easily warp when it’s subjected to humid conditions. Moisture can get into outside storage units and cause clothing to mold and mildew. Photographs can never be replaced and if they’re stored in conditions that are too hot, they can stick together and become ruined.

Important paperwork, documents, maps and books can become yellowed or fade if they’re exposed to damp conditions in an outdoor unit. All of these types of items should only be stored in climate controlled Self Storage Units.

How can individuals choose which type of storage unit to rent?

Individuals who need to store several pieces of large furniture, or the contents of their entire household for a few months, will find that an outdoor unit is more accessible and convenient. Those who want to store an expensive collection of valuable antiques should always choose climate controlled Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn. Individuals who are in doubt about the type of storage they need should always err on the side of caution and choose an indoor unit.

Contact Storage Post for both indoor and outdoor storage in Brooklyn. This facility offers various amenities including 24 hour access, surveillance cameras, security access codes and online bill pay. The friendly sales staff is available to help customers determine what type and size of unit is best for their specific needs.


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